Sunday, March 1, 2009

Enchanting Review: The Dead Girls' Dance

Paranormal YA
ISBN# 978-0-451-22089-9
238 Pages
Paperback--Available Now

Rating: 4.5 Enchantments

Picking up mere moments after the shocking ending of 'Glass Houses', THE DEAD GIRLS' DANCE takes Claire and readers deeper into Morganville, deeper into its secrets--and those of the inhabitants of the Glass House---and consequently into more danger. With the appearance of Shane's father, who's hellbent on killing the vampires, Claire, Shane, Eve and Michael find themselves in a whole new kind of danger. One that will put one of their very lives on the line.

Wow, Rachel Caine crafts an amazing sequel with THE DEAD GIRLS' DANCE. My only criticism is the title is a bit misleading, since the actual DEAD GIRLS' DANCE didn't feature in until much later in the book, but still played a very pivotal part of the story. Just when you think you understand Morganville, things change. When a vampire is found murdered, Oliver goes after Shane, using him as bait to get to his father. But with time winding down and Shane's life hanging in the balance, its up to Claire and Eve to find the evidence to prove their friend's innocence. Amelie, the founder plays a bigger role in this one but still doesn't let Claire--or the reader--in on much. The power struggle between Amelie and Oliver continues, with Claire and co. sometimes right in the crosshairs, as a tug of war continues, foreshadowing Claire's future at the end of the book.

There wasn't a boring part to the story and that's what I love best about this series. The story moves at an incredible pace that keeps you turning the pages, especially once the story reaches the boiling point where Claire and Eve end up at THE DEAD GIRLS' DANCE. I have to say I really like the new addition to the series, Sam, the last made vampire, especially his surprising tie to one of the inhabitants of the Glass House.

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February 2009

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