Friday, March 27, 2009

Guest Blogger: Cherry Chava

Guest Blogger: Cherry Chava
Hello! Thanks to Enchanting YA for having me to guest blog! Today, to start gearing up for the September release of my new book DUPLIKATE, I’m gonna talk about what I would do if a clone of me suddenly appeared. If you think that’s what happens to the chick in DUPLIKATE, and if you also think her name is Kate, then you, my friend, are a genius! :)

1. Have clone work out for me, since the only exercise I ever get is the occasional walk, and the end of such walk is often at a place where a snack can be purchased, so that pretty much negates the whole thing. Except this makes no logical sense, because then the clone would be super in-shape and I would still be not so much in shape. Okay, so forget that.

2. Send the clone in to work for me. Except that writing for Family Guy is actually fun, plus then I’d miss out on all our extremely important, intelligent, beneficial-to-the-planet-and-completely-not-time-wasting discussions about American Idol. And it’s not like rolling into the office means I have to get up early or put on a suit. Okay, so forget this too.

3. Make clone pick up the phone whenever my parents call. Aha! This would be useful, since they call pretty often, and usually when I’m watching TV. Not that I don’t want to talk to them, just, you know, not during American Idol (see #2) (and yes, I have a DVR, but just because the pause button exists doesn’t mean you want to use it, especially when Adam Lambert is doing something terrifying/horrifying/mesmerizing/fabulous/all of the above).

4. Drive me places. Yes! Commuting sucks, so I could nap while the clone deals with traffic, and then we could totally use the carpool lane. Although then once we got where we were going, I might have to hide her in the car trunk, which is weird and probably not particularly healthy.

5. Write my guest blogs for me? Ha! Nah, I wrote this one myself.

6. OR DID I?!

7. Okay yeah I did. :)

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