Sunday, March 1, 2009

Enchanting Review: La Petite Four

Historical YA
ISBN# 9781595142085
240 Pages
Trade--Available Now

Rating: 4 Enchantments

Lady Emily Southwell has just found out mere moments after graduating she’s betrothed to Lord Robert, as if that wasn’t bad enough she soon learns he wants to get married within a week. That means she’ll be missing the Ball she’s been looking forward to with her three best friends and her Season. There has to be a way to stop such an horrible match, if only they could find something about Lord Robert to tell her father to get him to call off the wedding.

LA PETITE FOUR was an intriguing historical read as Emily tries to find a reason to stop her sudden nuptials so she won’t miss out on her Season with her friends, not to mention find a way to gain admittance to the Royal Society of the Beaux Arts. Everything she knows about Lord Robert tells her he isn’t the man for her--something that’s proven over and over again throughout the course of the book. But none more damaging when during the party to sign the marriage papers, he leans over and tells her that no wife of his will waste time being an artist.

But in the midst of their investigations, they continue to run into the mysterious James Cropper who seems to be tailing Lord Robert too. Emily finds herself soon charmed by the intriguing Mr. Cropper, and becomes even more intent on her search for the truth about Lord Robert’s sudden interest in matrimony when she hears gossip he was recently courting another, one who died just before he became betrothed to Emily.

Hands down my favorite scene is between Lady Emily and Mr. Cropper with Warburton and the maid, Mary, as chaperones. The attraction between the two really heats up as much as it can with the two chaperones and Warburton’s ‘coughing’ to break the two up is rather amusing to see.

Fans of historical YA will enjoy the sweet story that is LA PETITE FOUR.

Regina Scott started writing novels in the third grade. After numerous short stories and articles in magazines and trade journals, she got serious about her novel writing, published 17 historical romances for adults, and realized it would be a lot more interesting to write for young adults instead. Visit the official site of LA PETITE FOUR

Enchanting Reviews
February 2009

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