Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Enchanting Review: Prada and Prejudice

YA fantasy
ISBN # 978-1-59514-260-3
215 pages
Paperback trade—Available Now

Rating: 4 Enchantments

Fifteen-year-old Callie is on a school trip to London but instead of being excited, she’s stuck in her room while the other more popular girls plan on going clubbing. Callie then decides to buy an expensive pair of real Prada pumps, thinking this will impress the girls so they will invite her to come along. Instead she falls, bumps her head and finds herself in the year 1815. She stumbles along when she finds a huge house where Emily welcomes her in thinking she’s her American friend Rebecca. Callie, afraid of being left alone, plays along. Along the way she meets Emily’s cousin, the dashing Duke of Harksbury. Sparks erupt. Then Emily confides in an arranged marriage she doesn’t want. Callie wants to help. But time is ticking down until the ‘real’ Rebecca will show up. Will Callie be able to help her new found friend? And will she prove that she’s more than the clumsy geek-girl from the twenty-first century?

This is a fun romantic tale sure to appeal to Jane Austen fans. Callie’s adventure into the world of 1815 London was fascinating with everything from huge estates, tight corsets, and hot English dukes. Hubbard creates a believable and likeable character in Callie. I could relate with her feeling out of place with her snobby London roommates. Callie’s antics are heartfelt and hilarious such as trying to eavesdrop behind a huge plant in a restaurant to getting enough nerve to see if the others will let her go clubbing with them. Readers will want to follow Callie and see what adventures she’ll stumble on in the past.
This story reminded me of a teen LOST IN AUSTEN.

The tension between Duke of Harksbury and this modern day Jane Austen was fun to follow. I especially liked how Hubbard got Callie into the past with a pair of expensive Prada pumps. The only thing I did wonder was what the consequences would be for Callie when she went back in time. But since this is a light romantic fantasy, I forgot that and sat back to enjoy this romp through prim and proper London with a modern day heroine. Who wouldn’t love to have a magical pair of shoes take you back in time?

Mandy Hubbard lives in Tacoma, Washington. Find out more at www.mandyhubbard.com

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