Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Enchanting Review: L.A. Candy

Contemporary YA
336 Pages
Hardcover--Onsale June 16, 2009

Rating: 4.5 Enchantments

Jane Roberts has just moved to Los Angeles with her best friend, Scarlett, in hopes of stepping out of her comfort zone. She just didn’t expect to step this far out of her comfort zone and become the star of what is the soon-to-be the popular reality T.V. show L.A. CANDY. Between her internship with event planner Fiona Chen, her friendship with Scarlett and her somewhat dubious relationship with new friend/crush Braeden, things in L.A. won’t stay sweet for long.

Scarlett Harp moved to L.A. with her lifelong best friend to attend U.S.C. and enjoy life in the city. But there’s a lot of adjustments to make, like getting used to their small and dingy apartment that Jane simply calls ‘charming’. When the two girls go to Les Deux and end up meeting famed TV producer Trevor Lord, they couldn’t imagine the turn their lives are suddenly about to take. A turn that frankly Scarlett finds herself regretting.

I really enjoyed L.A. CANDY. Jane’s a likeable character, fighting to navigate life in Los Angeles when suddenly her entire life is changed again before she can get a true handle on things as they were when she becomes the star of a reality show. It seems in an instant, everything changes again—their apartment for one. Gone is their small, cramped apartment and they find themselves in pure luxury. Her cold and slightly scary boss even undergoes a transformation when the cameras are around and Jane finds herself suddenly attracted to someone she never thought possible. Can she really like two guys at the same time?

Hands down my favorite scene is Jane’s first date in Los Angeles with Paolo, the cute guy she met at work when he accidentally walked into her office. If that wasn’t nerve-wracking enough, not only is it her first date with him, but it’s also her first date with an entire camera crew around.

Ms. Conrad pens a highly entertaining debut with L.A. CANDY, creating a world that takes the reader behind the scenes of reality T.V. and some of L.A.’s hottest nightspots to show that things aren’t quite what they seem on T.V., especially for two girls who aren’t fully prepared to deal with sudden fame. Equally memorable is the ‘villain’ of the show, Madison, who’s totally willing to do whatever it takes to take what she believes is rightfully hers—being the star of the show. She’s truly a devious character, without question and what she’s willing to do to get Jane out of the picture is definitely shocking. Jane and Scarlett are two memorable characters and with the major cliffhanger ending, I can’t wait to see what Ms. Conrad has in store for Jane in the next book.

Ending with a major jaw dropper of a cliffhanger, readers will no doubt be demanding to know what happens next to this group of entertaining characters. Anyone who loves books about life in Hollywood will no doubt enjoy this debut read by Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad is the star of MTV's number-one hit show, The Hills. She launched her career as a fashion designer in Spring 2008 with the debut of the Lauren Conrad Collection. Lauren has been featured on the covers of Cosmopolitan, Rolling Stone, Seventeen, and Entertainment Weekly, among others. She lives in Los Angeles. This is her first novel. Her website is http://www.laurenconrad.com/

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June 2009

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