Thursday, June 11, 2009

Enchanting Review: Love, Lies and Texas Dips

Contemporary YA
Delacorte Press
ISBN# 978-0-385-73520-9
304 Pages
Trade--Available June 9, 2009

Rating: 5 Enchantments

LOVE, LIES AND TEXAS DIPS is the perfect sequel to ‘The Debs’.

Jo-Lynn is both as plotting, manipulative and as calculating and bitchy as always. Laura is still her main target, and she can’t figure out how anyone would want to pick Laura over her, especially anyone male. The only thing that’ll make her life perfect is casting Laura out of The Debs and if her loser friends go right out the door with her. Fortunately for Laura, she isn’t the intimated easily type, and neither are Mac and Ginger, her two best friends. In fact, they all hate Jo-Lynn just about as much as she hates them and they aren’t about to let her get rid of them at all.

I think Jo-Lynn is the ultimate--perhaps perfect, YA villain. Seriously. Calculating, manipulative and scheming to a T, she’ll stop at absolutely nothing to get what she wants most--to get rid of Laura. Including sending sweets Laura’s way to sabotage the Deb and spreading some particular heinous gossip about her.

What I really enjoyed in LOVE, LIES AND TEXAS DIPS, is the storyline revolving around Ginger and the portrait her grandmother wants painted of her. Some of my favorite scenes in the book from here, including when Ginger meets Kent for the first time, the grandson of the artist who painted her grandmother’s portrait and the one who is going to paint hers.

‘The Debs’ series has quickly become one of my favorite YA series and LOVE, LIES AND TEXAS DIPS just shows why. Great characters, great story and a great voice combine to make this a totally entertaining read. With an ending guaranteed to leave readers demanding the next in the series asap, LOVE, LIES AND TEXAS DIPS is a great second book in the series.

Susan McBride is the author of The Debutante Drop-out adult mystery series. She grew up in the heart of Texan Deb country, but now lives with her husband in Missouri. Visit her online at

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February 2009

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