Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Enchanting Review: Glass Houses (Morganville Vampire Series Book 1)

Paranormal YA
ISBN# 0457219945
239 pages
Paperback - Available Now

Rating: 4 Enchantments

Claire Danvers is a brilliant 16 ½ (or so she says...) year old. When she gets to go to college early, she jumps at the opportunity, like any normal genius would. With her being so young, her parents would not let her go far away to college, instead, they choose for her to go to Texas Prairie University. Smart and cute, Claire sets off to college with big dreams of going to an Ivy college one day, when she’s allowed to transfer out of TPU.

Claire starts college with a bang. She infuriates Monica, the popular and meanest girl at college. Now, not only do Monica and her followers beat her up, but they also destroy her room and clothes. A gloomy Claire sets out to find somewhere off campus to live. When she sees an add in the paper for a “Gone With The Wind meets The Munster’s” type house, she is intrigued. When she arrives, she meets Eve, an 18 year old cool Goth chick who does things her own way. The other two roommates are Shane, also 18, a slacker and protector, and Michael, once again 18, who is never around during the day, but always comes to the rescue at night. Claire learns the deep, dark secrets that are hidden in Morganville. The town is run by vampires and humans are just about slaves. Not even the police can do anything. When everything starts falling apart, can the four roommates help out and save their own lives, or will they perish in a vampire related way?

GLASS HOUSES is such a great book. When you read it, it feels like it should be a T.V. mini series. Claire, even though she is brilliant, she never rubs it in or anything. She’s such a down to earth kid, who just loves school and wants to just enjoy it. The way that Eve is described, she’s like a cool best friend who will stick up for you anytime and she’s not afraid to speak her mind. Michael and Shane are such believable guy characters and they are always up to something or defending someone. This book hooked me from the beginning, when Monica and her evil crew started harassing Claire. I could vividly see the vampires and all the events happening, which is due to the brilliant writing style of Rachel Caine. I found it hard to put down the book, especially when I got closer to the end, because I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next. And, if you read this, be sure to have the next one handy, due to a huge cliff hanger of an ending. I’m glad I had the second one to fall back on!

Rachel Caine is the author of another series called The Weather Warden series and also some other stand alone books. She continues to write books for the Morganville Vampire series, also. Her website, www.rachelcaine.com, has loads of information on her and the books that she’s written. Also, it includes some special things, like wallpapers from the books. There’s also a mailing list you can sign up for all the latest information on Rachel.

Holly Kinsey
Enchanting Reviews
June 2008

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