Monday, June 9, 2008

Enchanting Review: Back Talk

Contemporary Young Adult
ISBN 978-0-7387-117-4
257 Pages
Trade - Available Now

Rating 3.5 Enchantments

Gemma Winters is spending the summer in New York City, interning at the hottest TV talk show around, BACK TALK. But things aren't exactly turning out the way she'd wanted them too. Sure, she's rooming with celebutante Dana Cox and millionheiress America Vanderbilt, but they aren't around as often as she'd like and things aren't exactly as great as she'd hoped they'd be at work. It seems someone, or more likely, someones plural, is sabotaging her, from turning on her cell in a big staff meeting and making her look like an absolute idiot.

BACK TALK was an interesting read, going behind the scenes with Gemma at one of the hottest talk shows around and watching her deal with the sabotage of two of her co-workers. You couldn't help but feel bad for Gemma when her cell phone went off in the middle of the meeting and she was on the receiving end of the rather cold stares of her boss and other higher-ups.

I really liked the friendship between the three girls, Dana and America do their best to help Gemma fit in to her new NYC life, which sometimes isn't quite enough.

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YA Director
Enchanting Reviews
May 2008

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