Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Enchanting Review: Alicia

ALICIA (The Clique Summer Collection #3)
Contemporary Young Adult
112 Pages
Trade-Available Now

Rating: 4.5 Enchantments

Alicia is thrilled to be spending her summer in Spain. She’s planning on wearing her designer wardrobe and hanging out with her favorite sixteen year old cousins Celia and Isobel Callas. What she is not expecting to do is spend her time abroad stuck with her annoying, klepto cousin Nina twenty-four/seven and having to work a horrendous job, to repay a debt that her parents should have taken care of, considering it really wasn’t all her fault. Add in the fact the newest pop sensation is staying in the hotel to cast his hot new video that Alicia's desperate to be cast in. But the singer as is as reclusive as it gets and all anyone sees of him is his arm dangling over the balcony.

Alicia finds herself stuck rooming with her annoying cousin Nina while Celia and Isobel raid her closet and leave her behind all the time, even getting into exclusive parties at the hotel that i! himself is supposed to be at. But the only attention she’s getting is from a slightly annoying British guy who can’t seem to leave her alone. If only she could rid herself of him and Nina, she might actually find herself having a good time.

I have to say ALICIA is my favorite book in the ‘Summer Collection’ so far. There were some great twists involving the cousins and the singer that I truly didn’t see coming. And there’s a lot of great moments that will keep readers entertained and wishing there was more pages to the story. I loved the way Ms. Harrison wrapped things up with the cousins finally getting what they truly deserved. Can’t wait for the rest of the girls’ stories in the summer series.

Check out information on The Clique series and The Clique summer collection and visit Lisi’s webpage at www.lisiharrison.net

Enchanting Reviews
July 2008

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