Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Enchanting Review: Blood Roses

Young Adult
Joanna Cotler
ISBN 978-1-06-076385-5
144 Pages
Hardcover - Available May 20, 2008

Rating: 3.5 Enchantments

BLOOD ROSES is a collection of nine magic realist stories; as the back cover blurb calls them "nine tales of transformation, wry, riveting, revealing."

Each short story is a stand-alone, ranging from 'My Boyfriend is An Alien' where the girl's boyfriend is literally an alien, or so it seems; to 'Giant' where a girl is so uncomfortable in her own skin, she becomes a giant.

It took some time after reading this collection of short stories to write this review because I wasn't sure what to say - all the stories are so varied, it was hard to decide which ones resonated with me the most to talk about.

My favorite story of the collection was 'Giant' where Rachel Sorrow is so uncomfortable with being herself, that she actually becomes a giant. I think that 'Giant' is a story a lot of teenagers can relate to, not feeling comfortable in their own skin and with who they are.

I also enjoyed 'Skin Art', about a girl, Elodie Sweet, whose body suddenly begins to be covered in tattoos as she falls in love with her boyfriend.

One of the more literary-like books I've come across, BLOOD ROSES is sure to be a thought provoking read.

Ms. Lia Block describes her work as "contemporary fairy tales with an edge," where the real world and its trouble find solace through the alchemy of creative expression and love. You can visit her online at http://www.francescaliablock.com

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