Thursday, May 15, 2008

Enchanting Review: Airhead

Contemporary Young Adult
ISBN# 978-0-545-04052-5
352 pages
Hardcover - Available June 2008

Rating: 5 Enchantments

Sixteen year old Emerson Watts could never imagine that taking her younger sister to the grand opening of the new Stark mega store to see singer and heart throb Gabriel Luna would change her life forever. But when a plasma screen is about to come crashing down on her younger sister who’s too busy heading for teenage supermodel Nikki Howard to notice, Em rushes over to push her sister out of the way of the falling object. The next thing she knows, Em’s waking up in a hospital bed. And that’s when things really start to get odd, because as she’ll soon find out, Emerson Watts is dead.

I adored Em right from the start of the book; she’s your typical teenager, a bit of an outsider at her high school and sorta crushing on her geeky best friend who doesn’t seem to notice she’s a girl. But when the craziness starts, Em struggles to deal with the fact she’s now become part of something she saw on one of those Discovery channel surgery shows that people said was light years away from actually happening and that the only person outside of her family she cares about, thinks she’s dead. She can’t exactly tell him the truth either. Plus she has to try and fit into Nikki’s life, part of the conditions of her getting the surgery in the first place.

I loved the scene when Em is ‘kidnapped’ from the hospital by Nikki’s friends Lulu and Brandon, who think she’s really Nikki Howard. As Em tries to adjust to hanging out with people she’s only seen in magazines, she’s also trying to get them to believe what happened. That she really isn’t Nikki Howard, that she’s Emerson Watts trapped inside Nikki’s body.

AIRHEAD is a fabulous read by Ms. Cabot. Em’s predicament makes a humorous, page turning read. AIRHEAD is one of my must read novels of 2008. I can’t wait to read the sequel, BECOMING NIKKI. Check out Meg’s website at

Enchanting Reviews
May 2008

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