Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Enchanting Review: Poseur

Contemporary YA
ISBN-10: 0-316-06583-8
290 Pages
Available Now

Rating 4.5 Enchantments

Janie Farrish, Petra Greene, Charlotte Beverwil, and Melissa Moon are four girls who couldn't be more different if they tried. So how can they be expected to co-exist? They can't—except when the four of them are paired up for a "special studies" class at school, involving the one thing they have in common, fashion. But can the four girls with widely different thoughts about what the special studies class should entail actually work together or further alienate each other more?

I really enjoyed POSEUR. It was a fun read, with lots of potential for the next book in the series. Janie is pretty well the star of the first book, with a lot of the action centered on her. It's hard enough to be Janie without having to deal with the fact that her brother has suddenly become popular and is hanging out with Charlotte Beverwil, Janie's sworn enemy. But when the two have to work together as part of 'The Trend Set', their special studies group, things get downright combustible, especially when Charlotte thinks Janie's the reason her brother Jake is starting to pull away from her.

One of the highlights of this book is the launch party for the Trend Set's clothing line, a line that actually doesn't quite yet exist. Forced to wear outfits the others designed for them, only Janie is actually happy with what was made for her while the others are anything but. Can the girls actually bond when it's one disaster after another? Or will they cave and give up once and for all?

I look forward to reading the next in this enjoyable series, due out in September 2008.

POSEUR is Ms. Maude's first novel.

YA Director
Enchanting Reviews
March 2008

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