Monday, December 31, 2007

Enchanting Review: Don't Get It Twisted

ISBN-10: 0758218613

Rating: 4 Enchantments

DON’T GET IT TWISTED is the sequel to the first book in the Del Rio Bay Clique series, SO NOT THE DRAMA.

Mina Mooney’s been asked to one of the hottest parties of the year, the Frenzy, by one of the hottest guys at school. Craig Simpson. Only one little problem -- she’s not allowed to date until she’s fifteen. And her parents aren’t exactly willing to let her go to the party, date or no date.

That’s where the Clique comes in, they’re going to have her back. Her girls are going to be her perfect cover to get to her to Frenzy and more importantly, to her big date with Craig.

But things are never that simple. Aside from the boy drama, Mina now has to tryout for the school newspaper, competing with another student to write a column that was her own idea. Not to be outdone, her clique has their own drama going on. Jacinta has boyfriend problems; JZ’s got issues with his schoolwork that could cost him his spot on the basketball team; Kelly’s interested in Angel, the hottie hustler from The Cove and the hot new basketball player Brian keeps flirting with Mina, even when she keeps telling him she has a boyfriend.

DON’T GET IT TWISTED shows what high school is like for a lot of teens, the struggle to fit in and make it through the year as unscathed as possible which in Mina’s case is pretty impossible.

Readers would probably benefit from reading the first in the series before reading DON’T GET IT TWISTED as I did feel a little lost with the characters at times.

I look forward to reading the continuing stories in the Del Rio Bay Clique series.

Reviewed by Lisa
YA Director
Enchanting Reviews

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