Friday, November 30, 2007

Enchanting Review: It's Not About The Accent

Contemporary Young Adult
MTV Books
ISBN-10: 1416524916
Rating: 4 Enchantments

Caroline Darcy always wanted a life as exotic as her beloved great-grandmother's. Tired of being her boring old self, Caroline's got the perfect plan. When she goes off to college for the summer session, she's going to adopt a whole new persona. As vivacious Carolina, a half-cuban aspiring actress, Caroline is ready for adventure. But sometimes you should be careful what you wish for.

Things at school start off well. Carolina seems to be a hit with everyone, especially the guys. At her first party, she meets Erik, your typical frat boy. Their connection is almost instantaneous. Then there's Peter, the cute guy she meets at the same party who lives just down the hall. And the way he calls her Caro makes her smile.

It seems like Carolina is a success, but maybe too much of one. As she and Peter become good friends, her relationship with Erik heats up. Between studying with Peter and partying with Erik, her days are full. But when things suddenly go bad and Caroline finds herself in a dire situation, it's Peter who bursts in and rescues her from the brutal attack.

This book is darker in tone then Ms. Ferrer's debut, but it's just as engrossing a read. Caroline's journey is filled with a number of twists and surprising turns that take her from small town Ohio, to her summer on campus, to Miami, and back to Ohio as she discovers her own life might be just interesting as her beloved Nana's.

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