Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Enchanting Review: Goddess Girls

Simon and Schuster
Contemporary Young Adult
ISBN-10: 1-4169-2700-X

Rating: 3.5 Enchantments

GODDESS GAMES focuses mainly on the relationships between the three girls, all with totally different backgrounds who are forced to become room mates during a summer working at King's Crown resort in Juniper, Colorado.

Seneca could be the stereotypical poor little rich girl. She's harboring a secret - her mother's acting career is a mess, and her working in Juniper is part of her plan to help get her and her mom's life back on track.

Drew, the female jock, is on vacation from her mother after facing a terrible loss. Her focus is solely on training to become an even better runner.

Claire is the reforming party girl who's searching for a deeper relationship with God to help get her life on the right path.

Things aren't exactly smooth sailing for the three roommates, particularly with each other. In a tiny cabin it's easy to for conflict to arise, especially when they don't exactly make the best first impression on each other. Drew and Claire see Seneca as fairly superficial, Seneca sees Drew as rude, and Drew and Seneca see Claire as quiet and somewhat withdrawn.

Conflict abounds when Claire can't be sure of the motive behind Seneca's interest in her L.A. boyfriend and Drew can't stand what she sees as Seneca's superficial ways. As the summer wears on, each girl is forced to deal with their own growing problems until one night forces the three to bond together and their friendship is finally cemented.

I really enjoyed this book, as the reader gets to see other sides to the girls that the characters don't know about till later in the book. Each girl has their own point of view and it's interesting to see what is actually going on with them and their misconstrued views of each other. I especially enjoyed watching Seneca fall for a guy who is so not her typical type.

GODDESS GIRLS is an enjoyable read, with a strong focus on the budding friendship between three girls as they search for themselves.

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