Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Enchanting Review: Whisper

YA Paranormal
Harper Collins
ISBN # 978-0-06-179925-9
282 pages
Hardcover Available now

Rating: 4 Enchantments

Joy can hear people’s thoughts or whispers. She’s learned to use this to her advantage. Her other sister Jessica, does the exact opposite thing. She uses whispers to hurt others. Then on Joy’s fifteenth birthday her ability changes. She finds out what her friends really think. And it’s not all good. To make matters worse, Jessica taunts her. This causes Joy to lash out and tell her sister to leave. Later, Joy finds out Jessica is missing. Her mother isn’t being truthful and her father is oblivious. It’s now up to Joy to find her one Aunt who has silenced other’s whispers. Maybe then Joy can find the truth and also her older sister before it’s too late.

This intriguing tale shows what happens when a paranormal ability turns out not to be so great after all. The beginning of the story is a tad bit slow with a little too much back story. But once you read about the pivotal event that changes Joy’s life, you can’t put the book down. I liked the sister relationship, which was totally realistic. Jessica, alias Icka, is shown at first as a resentful presence. She’s a major pain in the butt and takes pleasure in putting Joy down. It would have been easy to keep it at that. Instead the author fleshed Jessica out to show her vulnerabilities which included her trying to warn Joy of what would happen to her gift when she turned fifteen and how she tried to connect with her telepathically.

The relationship between Jaime and Joy is interesting. I liked how each of them complimented the other. I also liked how the author shows how Jaime deals with his paranormal ability in a different way.

WHISPER takes an intriguing twist on a paranormal ability that makes you want to read more!

Phoebe Kitanidis lives in Seattle, Washington, with her husband and big gray cat. A former Language Arts teacher, she now writes full time. To find out more check out www.authortracker.com

Kim Baccellia
June 2010

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