Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Enchanting Review: Front Page Face-Off

Contemporary Middle Grade
ISBN# 978-1416991694
240 pages
Paperback—Available March 9, 2010

Rating: 4 Enchantments

Thirteen-year-old Delilah James is one of the top reporters at Brighton Junior Academy. Her goal is to become a Junior Global Journalist. Everything seems to be working in her favor until Ava, a French exchange student and rival, comes and steals not only her spot as top reporter but her crush as well. Delilah finds an ally in the most unlikely place. Paige just happens to be part of the elusive Debutantes, alias “Little Debbies”. Paige promises to give Delilah the inside dirt in exchange for some info on the rival group. Will Delilah be able to do this and still win the boy?

This is a fun, hilarious tale that is sure to keep you laughing. Delilah’s attempts to win back her spot as lead editor are humorous. Delilah is very likable and fun. Her relationship with her stepfather is funny too. I found myself smiling over Delilah’s attics which are downright hilarious. One especially funny scene happens when she’s at the country club trying to get an interview with the Swirlie Bandit. What happens when she tries to get the attention of her crush and still get her interview are downright hilarious.

What I really liked about this story was that the so-called nasty girl really wasn’t that bad after all. Whittemore does a great job multi layering her characters with fun quirks and personalities without them being the usual cardboard stereotypes. Delilah’s friend Jenner is great too as a surfer with a mega sweet tooth. You can’t help but cheer for Delilah and what happens. A great heroine for all!

Jo Whittemore has written THE SILVERSKIN LEGACY, a young-adult fantasy trilogy. This is her first middle-grade novel. She currently lives in Texas. For more on Whittemore’s books check out her website: http://www.jowhittemore.com/

Kim Baccellia
February 2010

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  1. This books sounds great. I always like funny middle-grade novels that go beyond stereotype. Thanks for the review!