Thursday, October 8, 2009

Enchanting Review: And Then Everything Unravelled

Mystery YA
ISBN# 978-0545087223
256 pages
Trade—Available Now

Rating: 4.5 Enchantments

Delia Truesdale never imagined her idyllic life in California was about to change. When her internet tycoon mother suddenly goes missing off an expedition to the Antarctic, Delia is the only one who believes T.K. is still alive. Worse, since she's the only one, she has no chance to decide to stay home. Oh no, according to her mother's will, she's about to be shipped off to the other side of the country, to New York City and two aunts she's never even met, let alone barely heard anything about. And the two of them are about as opposite as you can get.

With Delia the only one believing her mother is still out there somewhere, she's forced to deal with the fact that everyone around her wouldn't believe a word she says if she told them what she suspects. Between a weird phone call, mysterious satellite pictures online and the fact she just doesn't feel her mother's gone, Delia does what she can to prove to the world her mother is still alive. I liked Delia right away and her aunts, Charley and Patience are about as opposite as you can get. Charley was definitely my favorite of the two with her fun personality and unique way of doing things. especially how at first she had enrolled her in a totally different school without telling her prim and proper sister and was ready to send Delia there, until Patience came charging in. I loved how Charley set up a meeting for Delia to come to terms with what happened and it ends up being with a psychic, one who seems to agree with everything Delia's found so far. Her mother is still out there somewhere. But when she warns her she can't tell anyone, because the eight will turn into twelve, Delia decides to get her own detective to look into things since she doesn't know whether eight means days, weeks, months or even years. The pace of the book moves along very well and things are revealed all in good time, and the evolving relationship between Delia and Quinn, with his at times opposite personalities was enjoyable to watch unfold. Filled with unique and interesting characters, fun scenes and a mystery that gets more deep and dangerous the more Delia finds out, AND THEN EVERYTHING UNRAVELED is definitely an entertaining mystery read.

Ms. Sturman is the acclaimed author of several adult mystery novels, including The Pact and The Jinx. After graduating from Harvard College, Jennifer earned her MBA from Harvard Business School. She now lives in New York City, a few blocks from Delia’s aunt. She has no free time, but if she did she would probably spend it watching teen movie classics and playing poker. Please visit her online at

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August 2009

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