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Enchanting Review: Killer (#6 Pretty Litlte Liars series)

KILLER (#6 in the Pretty Little Liars series)
YA Mystery
ISBN# 978-0-06-156611-0
321 Pages
Hardcover—Available Now

Rating: 5 Enchantments

KILLER, the latest installment of the Pretty Little Liars series, takes its readers on a rollercoaster of a read as the girls find Ian’s body, but the moment they bring Wilden back to the scene, Ian’s body is gone. Now the girls are being called liars by both the police and the press and no one believes a word they’re saying. Even as the new ‘A’ texts the girls, no one wants to believe that the girls are in any danger from anything but fear of being out of the spotlight. But are they crazy or is the newest ‘A’ actually trying to help them solve the mystery this time? With a jaw dropping ending that almost seems impossible, fans of the series will delight in the newest addition to the series.

Pretty Little Liars is my favorite YA mystery series, hands down. KILLER is a fast paced, riveting read with characters that’ve grown over the course of the series and new secrets and scandals being revealed around every corner. As the girls discover and remember more about the night Ali died, the more things point towards Wilden as somehow being involved, but how and why? How can they possibly trust the man who seems to haunt all their memories?

Aria’s struggling not only with moving into her father’s new house with his expecting girlfriend as a mean’s to get away from her mother’s boyfriend, but also with the fact she keeps bumping into Ali’s older brother, Jason. Is it her or is there something going on between them? Surely the rumors about Jason hurting Ali all those years ago were just that. Rumors. Spencer yet again feels the major outcast. Not only because of her possibly being adopted, but because she’s the one who first found Ian’s supposed body. When her family’s home is vandalized because of it and her parents ostracizing her for it, Spencer decides to find out where it is she might belong and answers the e-mail from her possible birth mother. Hanna’s forced friendship with her soon-to-be-evil-stepsister isn’t working out like her father would hope. And after Hanna blurted out what she did about Kate in the last book, it seems Kate’s out for revenge. But Hanna knows how to play that game too. Emily’s dealing with her own relationship troubles, especially when her boyfriend’s mother seems to hate her. When her boyfriend won’t believe her, what’s a girl to do, especially after finding a photo in their kitchen with her head cut out. That’s not typical friendly mother behavior. What I loved best about KILLER was how the tension never seemed to let up where the mystery was involved and how everything led up to the big party at the new hotel, a place that ends up harboring a very big secret. As all the clues start to fall together, the girls find themselves in deeper danger then they could ever imagine. One of the best scenes in the book is when aria is lured out to Jason’s apartment, only to almost be attacked by a dog. When she has no other choice, she’s forced to break into the apartment, only to discover what may be the biggest clue yet.

Sara Shephard graduation from NYU and has an MFA from Brooklyn College. Her PRETTY LITTLE LIARS novels were inspired by her growing up in Philadelphia’s Main Line. Visit for PLL gossip, giveaways and exclusive series secrets.

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July 2009

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