Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Enchanting Review: Derby Girl

Contemporary Young Adult
Henry Holt
ISBN# 978-0-8050-8023-0
256 Pages
Hardcover --Available Now

Rating: 4.5 Enchantments

Bliss Cavendar isn't your average teenager. With blue hair, a love of indie-rock and a being a complete and total misfit in small town Bodeen, Texas, the only thing Bliss has to keep her sane is her best friend Pash. But when a trip to Austin with her pageant loving mother inadvertantly puts a flyer for a roller derby in her hands, Bliss couldn't expect things to change the way they do. Sneaking to Austin with Pash on a Friday night puts her in full fan girl mode and desperate to become a DERBY GIRL herself.

I really enjoyed DERBY GIRL. Bliss is such a hilarious, fun character, someone truly unique you don't see a lot of in YA. Determined to break out of Bodeen, Texas and maybe even more importantly away from her mother, Bliss finds herself determined to become a Derby Girl, even if the last time she was on a pair of roller skates was in the second grade. But the try out for the group is truly one of my favorite scenes in the book. Even though the odds were against her when she tried out for the Derby Girls, she overcame the falling, the fact she was trying out in Barbie roller skates and finally found her niche. What was so great about DERBY GIRL aside from Bliss' voice, was the fact you could easily slip into her world, and truly laugh at some of the situations she finds herself in, whether it be her locker neighbor and the thong incident or sneaking rides into Austin with the seniors on their way to bingo.

Anyone looking for a fun and unique young adult read won't go wrong picking this one up.

Shauna Cross is a roller derby athlete, author of Derby Girl, and screenwriter of Whip It!. Her roller derby nom de guerre is "Maggie Mayhem," skating for the Los Angeles Derby Dolls. The book, and film, are fictionalized autobiographical accounts of her experiences skating for the Texas Rollergirls.

Enchanting Reviews
April 2009

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