Thursday, April 23, 2009

Enchanting Review: Melonhead

Illustrated by Gillian Johnson
Contemporary Middle Grade
Delacorte Books
ISBN# 978-0385734097
224 Pages
Hardcover—Available March 10, 2009

Rating: 4 Enchantments

What can I say about MELONHEAD? It’s an entertaining, at times truly hilarious read. Adam Melon aka Melonhead isn’t exactly your typical ten year old boy. Not only is he a budding inventor, but it seems he’s a magnet for trouble. Within moments of the reader first meeting him, he finds himself stuck up a tree with his foot lodged in a hole, and nothing seems to be able to free him—until the jaws of life get involved. But that’s nothing for Melonhead, as he’s used to this type of thing, including the press coverage an event like this causes.

When the science teacher at school comes in to speak to his class about the school-wide reinvention challenge of taking two old inventions and blending them together to make something brand new, Melonhead and his best friend Sam quickly partner up to come up with the best reinvention ever. Only along the way they find themselves adjusting their planned project when they discover the reflection pool isn’t as deep as they thought, hence no need for the submarine they were thinking of making.

Written in an easy to read style, MELONHEAD is a book that’ll keep your attention the whole way through. Ms. Kelly creates a fun world, filled with interesting characters. I especially enjoyed the way she describes the characters, from the way Melonhead talks about his mom’s breathing in the first chapter when she comes racing up to the tree he’s stuck in to the introduction of how he met his good friends Madam and Pop. MELONHEAD is a good kick-off to what should no doubt be a humorous, fun filled series.

Katy Kelly lives and writes full-time in Washington, D.C. with her artist husband and their two daughters. MELONHEAD is her fifth book for young readers.

Gillian Johnson is a UK-based author/illustrator who lives in Oxford with her husband and two sons.

Enchanting Reviews
March 2009

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