Sunday, February 1, 2009

Enchanting Review: The Seach For The Red Dragon

YA Fantasy
Simon Pulse
ISNB# 978-1416948513
400 Pages
Paperback- Available Now

Rating: 5 Enchantments

THE SEARCH FOR THE RED DRAGON is the second installment of the Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica. John, Jack and Charles are back together again after 9 years. They have been very careful to avoid contact unless an emergency arose. Such emergency has arisen. Children are disappearing from all over the Archipelago, a magical world. A girl flies down into the garden where the boys are gathered, with a secret message for the previous caretaker. The message tells the boys that they must step up in their role as caretakers and travel to Archipelago and search for the Red Dragon, as all of the legendary Dragonships are going missing. The boys encounter several adventures on their quest. They come across old friends and meet new ones along the way. One of the boys will fully step into his role as caretaker and make the ultimate sacrifice.

THE SEARCH FOR THE RED DRAGON is an action packed fast paced story. This story has so many ties to Greek mythology, classic story tales, and even history as the mystery surrounding the lost colony of Roanoke is revealed. James A Owen deserves his place among C. S. Lewis, J. R. Tolkien, and J. K. Rowling. THE SEARCH FOR THE RED DRAGON can be fairly compared to the works of these authors because it is truly that great. There is so much action and hidden clues that you will find yourself going back to reread it just to make sure you got it all. My only qualm with this book is that it is geared towards the YA crowd yet there is a lot that this crowd would not get or understand. As an adult I can fully appreciate all this story offers. A must however, is to read the first book in the series, ‘Here, There be Dragons’, to understand the magical world and the boys. This book is a recommended read for all who love fantasy, young and old!

James A Owen is not only the author of THE SEARCH FOR THE RED DRAGON but he is also the illustrator. To find out more about his stories or to see some of his beautiful art please visit his website at

January 2009

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