Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cbay Books—an imprint of Blooming Tree Press
ISBN# 9781933767130
288 pages
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Rating: 4 Enchantments

Thirteen-year-old Benjamin Holt and his friend Andy like to use their ‘special’ gifts to place tricks. Then Benjamin is startled when his mirror starts talking and tells him he’s going to eight weeks of summer school. But not in the world he knows. He is teleported to the world Lemuria-a hidden continent-where he finds out he’s not a human but a telegen. He also finds out in Lemuria his so-called gifts aren’t really that unique.

While in Lemuria he finds the mysterious Emerald Tablet that chooses him to be a champion to help restore balance to the world, for both telegens and humans.

Along with his friend Andy and others, they set out on a series of riddles to find the missing three keys that will help with this task. But in a world where the ancient gods of mythology are based on fact and where the unusual is common place, finding these keys is a lot harder than it appears. And time is running out for Benjamin and his friends. He needs to find the mysterious keys or wait until next summer. That is if he can get the keys before someone else does. Someone who has other plans on using them.

This story will sure appeal to fans of HARRY POTTER and also Garth Nix’s THE KEYS TO THE KINGDOM series. Right off the bat, Hoover starts with a great hook that sets Benjamin off on his adventure. The scientific facts are blended nicely in this story, for example, using DNA to teleport to anywhere you want. The idea that gods were in fact based on real individuals is interesting too. Fans of mythology will also enjoy reading how Hoover puts twists on the classic tales.

A must read for fans of fantasy, especially with a boy hero. This book will not disappoint.

P.J. Hoover when not writing, works as an electrical engineer in Austin, Texas, where she lives with her husband, two children, and a Yorkshire terrier. Check out PJ Hoover and her books at www.pjhoover.com Also check www.classof2k8.com

November 2008

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