Monday, September 1, 2008

Enchanting Review: Cycler

Young Adult
Random House
ISBN# 978-0-375-85191-9
256 Pages
Hardcover-Available Now

Rating: 5 Enchantments

CYCLER has a really intriguing premise that had me hooked from the jacket blurb. Four days out of every month Jill becomes Jack, in every single way possible. With the help of self hypnosis, Jill’s been able to block out those four days, but Jack on the other hand, well he’s been able to find a way to view Jill’s days to keep up with what’s happening in the world. Now he’s no longer happy having to spend his four days cooped up in Jill’s room. He wants out and he wants out for one reason: Ramie.

I loved this book. Aside from a really unique premise, Jill and Jack have their own voices that drew me straight in and made me like each of them almost instantly. Jack is your typical guy, except he only exists four days each month, but he’s growing desperate to escape his prison, one that becomes even more solitary when Jill and her mother find out about Jack’s first escape. Jill’s your typical teenage girl, obsessed with prom and going with the guy of her dreams, who also just happens to have Jack to deal with. I loved how different Jack and Jill were, and how the black moment brought them together in one horrifying moment that actually had me cringing as I read the last few pages.

CYCLER has one of the best scenes I’ve ever read, when poor Jill in an effort to attract her crush goes to the ski hill with her best friend Ramie. What happens with her and the J-Bar is absolutely hysterical and mortifying.

Ms. McLaughlin creates a very vivid, at times hilarious page turner with CYCLER.
I was so glad to read in the author bio at the back of the book that Ms. McLaughlin is currently at work on a sequel, as the ending leaves things wide open for one and I can’t wait to see what happens to Jill and Jack next.

You can learn more about Ms. McLaughlin at her website,

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September 2008

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