Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Enchanting Review: The Celebutantes: In The Club

Contemporary YA
Delacorte Press
ISBN 978-0-385-73473-8
326 Pages
Trade Paperback - Available Now

Rating: 4.5 Enchantments

Celebutante triplets Park, Lex and Madison Hamilton aren't only launching their fashion line, they're tracking a killer. Whoever killed their friend Damien Kittle at the opening of their father's hot new club, Cleopatra, has to be someone they know from school. And the police's number one suspect seems too obvious a choice. As they begin to dig deeply into Damien's world, some startling information comes to light and the triplets soon find themselves forced undercover to find out what really happened on opening night.

Park, Lex and Madison have quickly become some of my favorite YA characters. Smart, sassy and at times sarcastic, this trio of amateur detectives are willing to do whatever it takes—including a late night trip to the morgue!—to solve the mystery surrounding their friend Damien's death.

I really enjoyed THE CELEBUTANTES: IN THE CLUB. The mix of mystery and YA is a seamless fit. The Hamilton sisters are an enterprising threesome who find themselves racing against the clock at the end, trying to unmask the killer before he strikes again, this time taking out more than just Damien.

The story ends in a breathless pace as the sisters finally connect the clues and race to stop the killer from striking again, this time on a much bigger scale. Ending with a jaw dropping twist I totally didn't see coming, THE CELEBUTANTES: IN THE CLUB is a great mix of intrigue and fun that make this a book well worth picking up.

This is the first book of Mr. Pagliarulo's series I've read, but I definitely want to go out and grab the first one. I look forward to reading the next installment of the Hamilton sisters' adventures which is due to be released this fall.

If you're looking for a great YA mystery read, definitely pick up THE CELEBUTANTES series.

YA Director
Enchanting Reviews
March 2008

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