Thursday, February 28, 2008

Enchanting Review: Audrey, Wait!

Contemporary Young Adult
ISBN# 978-1-59514-191-0
Trade Paperback - Available April 3, 2008

Rating: 5 Enchantments

What happens when your ex-boyfriend writes a song about you and it becomes one of the biggest hits of the year? As Audrey can tell you, your world turns upside down.

Seemingly in an instant, Audrey goes from a normal teenage girl to one chased by the paparazzi wherever she goes. Reporters are phoning for interviews. People on websites are discussing her and Evan’s breakup and after a night out at a concert, girls are even starting to dress like her. And even weirder, people are showing up at the Scooper Dooper where she works out to have their picture taken with the famous Audrey.

Audrey suddenly finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of attention as ‘Audrey, Wait!’ climbs the charts. While her best friend urges her to take some of the perks of her newfound celebrity, Audrey struggles to deal with the paparazzi attention, reporters who twist her words around, not to mention her budding relationship with James.

I can’t say how much I loved this book enough. Audrey’s a fabulous character, with a great voice. Supported by a great cast of characters from her best friend Victoria to James and even her ex-boyfriend Evan, all make AUDREY, WAIT! the first must read of 2008.

One of my favorite scenes is when Audrey discovers the interview she gave a reporter over the phone has been the victim of creative editing, making her sound like a giggly attention seeker.

This is Ms. Benway’s first novel.

Enchanting Reviews
February 2008

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