Saturday, October 6, 2007

Enchanting Review: Revenge Of The Homecoming Queen

Contemporary YA
Berkley Jam Trade
Trade Paperback
ISBN 10 0425216152
Price: $9.99

Rating: 4.5 enchantments

Aspen Brooks has spent her entire life waiting to be named Homecoming Queen. But when the
envelope is ripped open in front of the entire school, it's not her name that's read. Instead,
Comfort High's Homecoming Queen is Angel Ives, Aspen's sworn rival. And even weirder, the
school geek Rand Bachrach is named Homecoming King, an announcement made possible by
Aspen's 'supposed' boyfriend. What kind of boyfriend sabotages his chance at being
Homecoming King?

That's only the start of the weirdness. Between the vicious lipstick messages about Aspen
scrawled on the mirror in the girl's bathroom, her tires being slashed and then Angel
mysteriously -- or as Aspen sees it, conveniently - disappearing, things are getting plain weird.
Not to mention the fact Rand keeps coming to her rescue, and horror of horrors, he's not all
that geeky. In fact, he's kinda cool. And he's making her feel things she never thought possible.
When Aspen's mom suddenly goes missing and all signs are pointing that Aspen's next to
disappear, she decides to turn detective and find out who's behind all the disappearances.

This was such a fun book to read, a great combination of humor, romance and mystery that
wraps up with a surprising twist to the mystery that made it hard to put down. Debut author
Stephanie Hale sets up her Aspen series in a winning way. Can't wait to read what happens to
Aspen next.

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